Vulcan’s Superb Quality and Reliability of Supply
The Vulcan Group has always been driven to provide an outstanding quality service to you, our valued customers in each and every part of our business. A key element of this service is the availability of the exact product you require, to a timescale that suits you.

Focusing on Single Spring Mechanical Seals – with an almost infinite range of products and material combinations it would be quite easy, as we believe our competitors do, to offer a very black and white, ‘static’ stock policy profile from our global distribution centres.

Vulcan never does what is easy. We only do what is right.

To that end, our stock policy profile is to hold in stock any product that has sold more than twice to more than one customer in the last 12 months, this is regardless of quantity, material combination or cost or space utilised. Our sales are electronically analysed on a 24 hour basis, with any new product thus qualifying to this criteria then becoming stock policy.

In addition to this very ‘fluid’ stock profile, we continually look to work with our customers where there is a need for product to be ex-stock, even if this product is specific to just one customer and outside our vast stock profile. In such instances, which are plentiful, Vulcan commits to our customer to maintain stock at an agreed level that provides you with the service you require, to a guarantee. In short, if you our customer guarantee that you will purchase the product over a 12 month period, then we will stock it for you.

In addition to this huge, 'fluid' stock profile, we have an excellent Seal Build facility in our Distribution Centre in Sheffield in the heart of the UK, meaning if you cannot find the product you require on our stock shelves, we (in 99.5% of occasions) can assemble this product , quality assure and despatch it the same day, providing you with an ex-stock service.

In Summary – any product that you cannot see as ex-stock via our web portal then please enquire. We will immediately investigate and advise of the assembly possibilities.

Our sales offices are staffed with highly experienced, technically minded people who endeavour to provide you with exactly what you require in the fastest time physically possible, to fulfil your order.